1. All journeys start and finish at our base in East Sheen SW14


2. The travel allowances into Central London (Charing Cross) from the following will depend on weather and traffic conditions.  You should allow at least , Heathrow 1 hour Gatwick 1hr 45 mins, London City airport 1.45 hours, Biggin Hill 2 hours, Luton and Stansted 2 hours Farnborough Airports 1.5 hours,  Southampton Docks 2.25 hours and Dover Docks 2 .5 hours.


3. All transport must be paid for 48 hours in advance (except Wedding cars, which must be paid for in full 7 days in advance) car parking and waiting time where applicable, will be added at the end of a journey.


4. If a client books a car to collect them from an airport, it is their responsibility to ensure we are given the aircraft landing date, the scheduled landing time, the flight code and number as well as where the flight is originating from.  Should a client give the take off date or time by mistake and a driver is dispatched this will result in the full fare plus parking costs and waiting time being charged for the no show.


5. All car parking and admission fees incurred are payable.


6. Airport waiting time will be imposed 30 minutes after the plane has landed and will be charged at the rate of £15 +VAT per 15 minutes or part thereof.  

All other waiting time is charged at £40 per hour for a Standard car and £60 per hour for an Executive (S Class, 7 Series BMW, Jaguar XJ) car/People Carrier.  

In the case of PRIVATE AIRCRAFTS waiting time will be charged 10 minutes after landing.

If we are required to collect a client within 3 hours of dropping them off then this si treated as a wait and return and charged accordingly.  E.G. transfer charge there, waiting time and transfer charge back.


7. Cancellations


A) Cancellations made within 24 hours will be subject to a full charge.  Cancellations made more than 24 hours prior to pick up will not incur any charges but may be liable to an administration fee of £50.  For account customers any journey cancelled within 18 hours of a chauffeur being dispatched from our base in SW14. 


B) Should a client or their agents request that a chauffeur is on standby or is made available for a certain time period (hours or even certain dates) then unless it is detailed by the client the hours of the standby will be from 0800 until 1800.  Should the client decide not to use the serices of the chauffeur who has been allocated to them then there will be a full chrge per day unless the cancellation is within our cancellation period.  See 7A 


Refunds will not be made for any journey cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


8. In the case of journeys involving a driver spending nights away that are then cancelled 7 days prior to pick up there will be a £50 administration fee payable.  The customer will also be liable for the full cost of any accommodation booked on behalf of the driver. 


9. Account customers who fail to show at an airport will be charged a full fare plus parking and waiting time from the time the driver enters the airport car park.


10. Mileage rates are calculated from base (SW14 7PQ) to base at the following rate:


  • S Class Mercedes Benz, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Viano £2.20 per mile inside the M25, £2.50 per mile where travel involes any part of the journey outside the M25.
  • Mercedes E Class Estate £1.60 per mile/£2.
  • As directed & full day (10hour) hires allow for 40 & 100 miles respectively.  Over and above this mileage the above rates apply.

 Additional Charges



1. A charge of 25% of the full fare will be levied for any work involving picking passengers up between 2200hrs and 0600hrs.

2. Rates are subject to alteration without prior notification.  All account holders will be notified of any price increases.


3. If it is necessary for our chauffeurs to have overnight accommodation this will be charged at £130.00 excluding VAT.  If our chauffeur requires accommodation when hotels have busy periods/for a last minute assignment or public holidays we will charge at cost the rate of the room.  

If the client specifies that the chauffeur stays at the same hotel as the client then the client is liable to pay the hotel and restaurant bills.  

If there is any last minute alterations to a clients original booking that requires us to extend or alter the drivers accommodation needs we will pass on the full accommodation cost to the client.


4. A surcharge of 100% will be added to the current tariff for services provided over the Christmas, New Year, Good Friday & Easter Monday public holidays.  A 50% surcharge will be added to all fares for journeys undertaken on Christmas Eve and all other public holidays..  


5. International payments will all incur a £7 bank transfer fee.


6. All international payments are to be made in £ Pounds Sterling.


7. Should a client fail to settle their invoice in £ Pounds Sterling we will pass on all our additional bank charges to the client and invoke the Late Payment Act.   A penalty charge of £40 applies if the outstanding amount is below £999 and £70 if the amount is above £999.  Interest will be charged at the rate of 8% over Bank of England Base Rate and will be calculated from the date the invoice becomes due for payment and payment is actually made.


8.  Where a client requests that we supply a (PPO) personal protection operative, a close protection team or they bring their own security we will always supply a security trained and IAM qualified chauffeur.   Chauffeurs with the aforementioned qualifications are priced at a slightly higher rate of £70 per hour to reflect the additional training they have undertaken.  




1. In the event where a passenger has an excess of baggage, we reserve the right to refuse to any luggage or property in our vehicles which in the drivers opinion may result in the vehicle being damaged or unsafe to drive.  It is against the law for a private hire vehicle to carry luggage on any seat of the vehicle.  In cases where passengers have excess bags your driver will arrange with a black cab driver to transport any luggage that does not fit in the boot (trunk) of your vehicle.


2. We accept no responsibility for delays howsoever caused.  Your chauffeur will do their best to get you to your destination on time but will not at any stage break the road traffic laws of the country they are travelling in.


3. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any luggage or property carried within or on our vehicles howsoever such loss or damage may be caused.



All of our vehicles have fully comprehensive private hire insurance as required under English law.  However, whilst every care is always taken, customers' personal property is carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage.

Customers are therefore advised to ensure that they carry adequate and relevant insurance.


All journey's must be paid for in full and in advance.   Where the hirer has a credit account payment is due within 14 days from the date of invoice.  Without exception these terms apply to any other chauffeur company we might work for on a sub contractor basis.


We expressly prohibit any person other than our chauffeurs to drive our vehicles.


Account facilities are available and are subject to us obtaining a satisfactory reference.


Payment by account customers is to be made by bank transfer.


All gratuities are at the discretion of the hirer.


Our vehicles are non smoking at all times.


The consumption of food within our vehicles is prohibited.  Should for whatever reason a passenger soil one of our vehicles then they will be liable to a soiling charge of £500 + VAT.


All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.


Payment is accepted via bank transfer, credit or debit card.  


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